Online Furniture Retailers Making No Profits

One thing that is absolutely killing the furniture industry is online competition. Companies like Wayfair and Casper are making huge revenues and getting lots of new customers but at the cost of the honest people who own the brick-n-mortar furniture stores. Both of these companies are backed by huge investors that believed they could make money. After looking at the losses that Wayfair took last year, I don’t think the investors are expecting their money back any time soon. The way that these online furniture stores ruined the mom and pop shop is by eating away all the profits so they can hoard the customers. They offer a money back guarantee if you don’t like the furniture. So what happens when you tell Americans that they get a money back guarantee? You guessed it… Tons of people want their money back! But what happens with the furniture? Is Wayfair or Casper gonna pay the shipping costs to get that piece of furniture back to a DC when they can’t even re sell it because the mattress has already been laid on? No they’re not. They’re going to tell the customers that they can get a 20% discount. But the customers […]

Family Furniture Store in West Palm Beach Florida

I’ve been to almost every single furniture store that is in the city of West Palm Beach on the east coast of Florida. There are all types of furniture stores in Palm Beach. You have the high end designer stores, big box retailers, small mom and pop shops like . What makes the small, dirty window stores so special is that you can feel how much they care about you when you walk into those kind of stores. Especially at Family Furniture of America, every single customer that walks in through that door is treated just like Family. It means much more when you actually get to know the story behind these stores and how much sacrifice has been made. Many people confuse the store for the old business called Furniture Forum, but Family is under new ownership and have totally changed the place around. Once you walk in there, there is no doubt that they are offering bargains. It’s got that old discount furniture store look. You won’t find beautiful floor plans and top of the beds on the mattresses. You’re gonna find great prices and mattresses that you can actually lay on. That’s what the big retail […]

Discounted Ashley Furniture

When deciding where to buy your furniture if you live in Miami, you could decide between thousands of stores and tens of thousands more if you want to count the online stores. Most people visit several different furniture stores when they’re looking to add something new or make a change to their home furnishing. They visit a mix of different kinds of furniture stores: the big brands, the boutiques, the department stores, and the mom and pops. There are pros and cons to all of those different types of furniture stores, but the decision of which store is the best furniture store in Miami, it is hands down City Furniture. What separates Big Box is ironically that it is not your average “big box retailer”. It is a beautiful showroom full of fashionable and affordable furniture just like an Ashley Furniture, but you get the personal touch! They are not pushy salesmen by any stretch of the imagination. They make sure that you take enough time and absolutely love your furniture when it is in your home. If you don’t take our word for it, then just check out their Customer Reviews. Located in the heart of Miami near other […]